Gratis, Ohio


Identity Theft
Procedures to help protect your Identity.

Traffic Laws
Updates on Vehicle Headlights and Child Restraints law in the State of Ohio. 

Business Contact Form
This information is requested annually from local businesses. This information is used in the event Gratis Police Departments need to contact someone after hours for an emergency such as a break-in, vandalism or fire. 

Vacation House Check Request
As a service to our residents, the Police Department will check on your residence while you’re away. If you will be on vacation for any length of time, an officer will come to your residence to check locks, windows, and be sure that no damages have been done while you’re gone. House watches are only available for residents in the Village of Gratis. 
Security Survey

Officers will visit homes and businesses and provide tips on how to better secure your premises. An officer will walk through your dwelling and check items such as window and door locks. He/she will make recommendations regarding lighting and landscaping that could help deter a criminal. You will be provided a checklist of items to periodically assess with respect to making your dwelling safe and secure. You also will receive other informative crime prevention literature.

If you would like a security survey of your home or business, contact Chief Jeffrey D. King at (937) 787-9095 or at